Cwmbran Community Council came into being upon Local Government Reorganisation in 1974.

1996 saw a further reorganisation of local government in Wales and, although this reorganisation saw community and town councils largely unaffected, Community and Town Councils have played an increasingly important role in the life of their communities.

There are over 700 community and town councils exist in Wales but no two are the same. Larger councils may spend from £250,000 to over £1 million, whilst some  smaller ones may spend very little or nothing at all. There are also differences in populations served, staffing levels and other resources. Most Community and Town Councils are affiliated to One Voice Wales, an umberalla organisation which acts as a voice for local councils in areas such as liaising with Welsh Government and other agencies. To find out more about the work of One Voice Wales and the role of Community and Town Councils in general, visit www.onevoicewales.org.uk.

These pages describe how Cwmbran Community Council delivers Well-being to the communities of Cwmbran.

David Collins

Clerk to the Council