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Notice of Vacancies: Upper Cwmbran West and Upper Cwmbran Thornhill Wards

Notice_of_vacancy_upper cwmbran west_ Notice_of_vacancy upper cwmbran thornhill _  

Risk Register 2017-18

Risk Register 2017-18 Risk Register Executive Summary    

Data Protection

Please note: “Any information the public supply to the Council will be used by the Council for administrative purposes within the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. The Council will not supply it to third parties. If you do not

Code of Conduct 2016 & Associated Policies

Code of Conduct 2016 Model Local Resolution Protocol (cover)  & Model Local Resolution Protocol  Code of Conduct Complaints – Member & Officer protocol

Governance & Constututional Documents: Index 2017

Index 2017

Business Risk Register

The Council’s Risk Register for 2016/17 can be viewed here Business Risks Register. A draft Register has been prepared for 2017/18. This can be viewed here Risk Register 2017-18 together with an Executive Summary here Risk Register Executive Summary.  These

Annual Reports & Other Governance Documents (2017)

Annual Report 2015 Annual Report 2016 Annual Report 2017 Representation on Outside Bodies Standing Orders 2014 Contract Standing Orders Financial Regulations Investment Strategy 2017-18 Notice of Motion Book Code of Conduct Code of Conduct Local Protocol (Member & Officer Relations)

Members Allowances 2016/17

Members Allowances 2016-17

Annual Report 2017

Here is a copy of our Annual Report 2017 . The report records the achievements of the Council and sets its strategic goals. (Previous Annual Reports can be viewed here Annual Report 2015 and here Annual Report 2016)

Statement of Accounts & Annual Return 2016/17

Accounts  Annual Return  Internal Auditor Report Annual Return Following External Audit Issues Arising Report y-e 31 March 2017 (following External Audit) Notice of Conclusion of Audit