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Financial Regulations (amended June 2019)

Financial Regulations – Amended June 2019

Annual Return and Financial Satement y/e 31.3.19

Annual Return YE 31-3-19 Financial Statement YE 31-3-19 Internal Audit Report Management Response

Terms of Reference of Council and Committees

1-3-1 Terms of Reference 2018 CL 2019-05-15 Agenda (AGM) (includes Terms of Reference approved 15 May 2019)

Notice of Appointment of Date for the Excercise of Electors’ Rights. Y/E 31 March 2019

Electors’ Rights ye 31-3-19 (Bilingual Notice/ Hysbyseb Dwyieithog)  

Standing Orders 2019

Standing Orders 2019Download Standing Orders relating to Contracts 2019Download

Precept 2019/20

Cwmbran Community Council Budget 2019/20 Cwmbran Community has set its Precept for 2019/20. This is the amount the Council needs to raise to deliver its services. The precept for 2019/20 will be £651,495 (£50.23 Band D equivalent.) Chairman of the

Payments to Members 2017-18

Payments to Members 2017-18 Payments to Members 2017-18 Cymraeg  

Statement of Accounts and Annual Return 2017/18

Statement of Accounts  Annual Return  Internal Audit report 2017-2018

Exercise of Electors’ Rights Accounts y/e 31.03.18

Exercise of Elector’s Rights (bilingual)

Fees & Charges 2018

5 Review of Charges The above recommendations were approved by the Council on 14 February 2018.