Contact Us (2019 Update)

The Clerk to the Council is David Collins. You can e:mail the Clerk via

Our telephone number is 01633 624152 if you prefer to telephone. The Clerk’s direct number is 01633 624154. 

You can visit us at The Council House, Ventnor Road, Cwmbran NP44 3JY. This is also the address to write to the Council.


Here are details of how to contact your Councillor List of Members- August 2018 (Local (Democracy) Wales Act 2013.) Please contact the Clerk to the Council for any additional details.

Other information is shown here CCC Members Pics & details 2018

Further details of other ways to contact each member, such as by telephone, are available from David Collins, Clerk to the Council tel. 01633 624154

You can also contact the Council via our Facebook pages. or follow us on Twitter @CwmbranCouncil or via

Visit Us  at