Hiring our Rooms

Cwmbran Community Council offers many great services to the residents of Cwmbran and local organisations.

For example, did you know that we also hire out rooms for a small cost. One of the rooms we lease out is the Council Chamber. (see below)

Council Chamber

The Council Chamber is mainly used for large, formal meetings. We lease the Council Chamber out at a rate of £20.00 per hour. The Council Chamber also also has a projector and large screen within it.

We also lease out a Members room for smaller meetings. This room is usually used for one to one meetings but can be used for up to 6 people. We lease the Members room (see below) out at the cost of £10.00 per hour.

Members Room

Community Centre

We also lease out our Community Centre (see below) at a rate of £20.00 per hour. The Community Centre is at the rear of the Council House and is easily accessible due to it being next to the free car park behind the building.