Representation on Outside Bodies 2016/17

The Council is represented on a number of local organisations. This is an important part of the Council’s work, helping to ensure that the public’s interest are reflected in the wider community via their elected representatives. The organisations listed below make a significant contribution to local Well Being.

A list of organisations, and the Council representatives, is set out below:

  1. Armed Forces Community Covenant Task Group Councillor TA Matthews
  2. Congress Theatre Company Councillor TJ Winter
  3. CCYP Management Committee Councillors SWJ Ashley, S Brooks, M Johnston, KK Manneh, TJ Winter
  4. Friends of Bruchsal Society Councillors S Brooks and DJ Williams
  5. Friends of Bruschal Society Trust Councillors KK Manneh and DJ Williams
  6. Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre Management Committee Councillor S Brooks
  7. National Association of Councillors Councillor S Brooks
  8. One Voice Wales Larger Councils Network Councillors TA Matthews and TJ Winter
  9. Torfaen Access Forum Councillor DJ Williams
  10. Torfaen Aids for the Disabled Councillor L Chaney
  11. Torfaen Community Transport No appointment made.
  12. Torfaen County Association of Local Councils (“TCALC”) Councillors TA Matthews and TJ Winter
  13. Torfaen Environmental Trust & Association Councillor SWJ Ashley
  14. Torfaen Museum Trust Councillor TJ Winter
  15. Gwent Valleys Partnership Area Committee One Voice Wales Councillors TA Matthews and TJ Winter
  16. Torfaen Local Councils Partnership Meeting Councillors TA Matthews and TJ Winter
  17. Greenmeadow & St Dials Community Association Councillors L Chaney and KK Manneh